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What Clients Are Saying
"Jacqui is definitely the best! She was a source of tons of names and numbers for workmen, helped me think through options and encouraged me when things got stressful.”
Rhonda Cobham-Sander

"Jacqui is the greatest. I was absolutely overwhelmed at the prospect of moving 1,900 miles across country during a global pandemic to a region I was unfamiliar with, but she made every step of my home-buying process easier and more comfortable. In addition to helping me find the perfect fit for me in my new home, she also gave me advice about things to consider as someone new to New England (like the necessity of a garage and the dynamics of snow removal responsibilities), broke down the local towns and their differences, took me on a detailed tour of the area, helped me negotiate a strong but affordable final offer, walked me through my local utilities options and connected me with great local experts to help me with my own — including my new painter and electrician. She went above and beyond at every step, and I can't imagine having as easy and successful a move with any other realtor. Every time I had a question, she had a helpful answer."

Kelsey Whipple